About Us

NorthIQ helps businesses make more money with their digital strategy with better digital experiences and ROI based digital marketing.

Anybody can build a website, but if you build it, will they come?

We work with companies to solve complex digital experience challenges and help you find opportunities you couldn’t see before. Websites are so simple to make that anybody can make a website. The tools and skills it takes to build a website are readily available and practically free.
The biggest frustration that businesses face is that their website isn’t working for them.
It is on the internet, it looks nice, and it does a bunch of fancy things. They turn it on and agonize as they wait for something to happen. It takes expertise and understanding to know how to build a web site that turns prospects into leads and that turns leads into sales.
I have built hundreds of websites which are viewed daily by tens of millions of people. I know how to match your business goals to your audience’s needs. I know the secret formula that will earn you money, and I am here to help you.
I work with an incredible team of experts who I bring in specifically for your project. I have a deep network that has been created over twenty years of experience in the online industry. Together, we have worked on projects as massive as the Olympics, and as small as your neighbourhood comic store. In every case, we have created digital experiences that make money.
NorthIQ will collaborate with you to develop a strategy that introduces you to qualified leads and generates revenue for you.

Brian Garside has been building websites for two decades and has worked on some of the largest websites in Canadian media. He focuses on creating good user experiences and building websites that make their owners money.  Brian is certified in blogging and content marketing from Shaw Academy.

Craig Oliphant is a marketing expert with over a decade of experience in digital marketing. He has built online campaigns for multi-million dollar companies, and seen massive returns from very small investments. He has figured out ways to achieve repeatable results.