How To Critically Review Your Under-performing Marketing Programs

One of the hardest things in Marketing is knowing when your efforts are just not working and to change up what you’re doing. For many, a project can feel like your baby, to be held tightly and loved even if they’re not particularly good at something.

Sometimes a program can “come good” with some effort and elbow grease. But others just won’t work no matter how much effort you put in. They were doomed right from the beginning.

You’ve also perhaps put your reputation on the line to deliver real business results. It’s a frightening thing to look at your work critically when clients or internal stakeholders are questioning results.

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The Archangel Show 2017

The Archangel Show

In 2016, Craig and I attended the Archangel Summit and we posted Inspiration from the Archangel Summit, to contrast the annual 3000 people summit event, event host Giovanni Marsico put on the Archangel Show, a 150 person event held at the Telus headquarters in Toronto.

Giovanni and his partner Dr. Stephanie Estima hosted the event, introducing the show as the same type of conversations that they had with their friends at their dinner parties.  All of the guests were members of Archangel Masters – Archangel’s private mastermind group.

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