Getting Started With Manage Comics

You want to make your pulls easier, you want to make ordering simpler, you want to get paid faster, and you need your store to be profitable.

Your customers want to be in control of their lists, they want to know what is in for them, and they want to discover stuff they're interested in without searching through a 500 page catalogue every single month.

Manage Comics lets you manage comics subscriptions better, you'll save time, and make more money.

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“ Manage Comics has increased my profit substantially. Customers can manage their own lists, I get daily updates on what has changed, and we can order with 100% confidence. We get paid by customers on time, and we rarely get left with unclaimed pulled orders. 
Manage Comics is the modern way to manage subscriptions for your customers.
Peter Fisico
All New Comics
The People Behind Manage Comics
Craig Oliphant
Craig Oliphant is a marketing expert with over a decade of experience in digital marketing. He has built online campaigns for multi-million dollar companies, and seen massive returns from very small investments. He has figured out ways to achieve repeatable results.

Making comic shops more money from subscriptions

Peter Fisico - All New Comics
Brian Garside
Brian Garside has been building websites for two decades and has worked on some of the largest websites in Canadian media. He co-owned an online comic store for 5 years, and built Manage Comics with hundreds of hours of consultation from store owners and comic shop customers.
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