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5 Steps to Measure Your Social Media Presence

Creating and sustaining a strong social media profile for your business is essential in the digital age.

41% of social media users believe that the businesses they interact with should have a strong digital presence on social media.

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Marketing Automation is a Big, Fluffy, Jelly-filled, Glazed Donut

That delicious ring of puffy goodness sits on a plate in front of me. Teasing me with its delicate sugary shine. A donut so stuffed that one drip of red jelly squeezes out the side. You know the sugar rush will hit you, and that you will pay for this later, but the deliciousness of marketing automation can’t be ignored.

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Why Your Website Sucks – NorthIQ

Once upon a time we had a cool website, it had a bunch of pages that nobody visited, and some content that nobody read.

In January 2017, I decided to rip it to the bare studs and redo it. My plan was to post a blog post every single week in 2017, and I wanted to focus on the content only.  I used the default WordPress 2017 template, and got to work making it pretty.  A few hours later, I relaunched the site with the new template.

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Stop the Mindless Death Shuffle for Leads

It’s a wasteland out there, marketers are blindly shuffling around, hoping for any tasty morsel of live lead, they hear the wailing of the sales organization “LEEEADS” they moan, and marketers deliver leads, but because the quality of the leads is so low, the endless hordes moan for more. LEEEADS. LEEEADS. LEEEADS.

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Anatomy of a Website – Raven Studio

NorthIQ was recently commissioned by Raven Studio to create a digital strategy to support the launch of a new digital presence of the company which was formerly known as Facility Resources.

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One more project we’re proud of.

We love comic shops, and we’ve got a long history with making comic stores better. That’s why we created Manage Comics, a product that helps comic store owners offer a better subscription service through their store.

The Manage Comics Guide

See Manage Comics in Action

Manage Comics is a subscription tool for comic shops that helps store owners reduce costs, improve recurring revenue, and ultimately make more money!

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