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We created NorthIQ to become a different kind of digital marketing company; one that works directly with you to grow your business. We’re also a SharpSpring Marketing Automation Partner.


NorthIQ works only with a small group of carefully selected client partners with key digital marketing services that help scale their business and drive revenue. NorthIQ doesn’t believe that offering individual services to our clients gives them the support they need – we believe in becoming business partners with fully integrated digital marketing supports their growth plans. Learn more about NorthIQ Digital Marketing


NorthIQ offers a complete suite of marketing automation tools from the full-featured SharpSpring marketing automation platform to complete integration and training. Marketing automation helps you identify good opportunities, mine your database for gold, and engage your sales team at the right time…when customers have already raised their hand. Learn more about NorthIQ Marketing Automation


NorthIQ offers unique and comprehensive DIY marketing training content that is perfect for small business owners to learn how to marketing their business, scale sales and generate leads Sign up and in one hour a day you’ll get comprehensive training content that will help you set-by-step. Learn more about NorthIQ Marketing Training

NorthIQ is a Top SharpSpring Agency Partner

SharpSpring is a leading marketing automation platform packed with powerful features… and it costs thousands less than HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot. NorthIQ has thousands of hours working directly in the SharpSpring platform with our clients. NorthIQ fully supports the SharpSpring platform with full setup, integration and support services.. Invest in your Marketing Automation through an authorized partner

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Why SharpSpring is Perfect for Your Company

Over our careers, Craig and I have been involved in the implementation of many marketing automation tools.  We've been on the ground floor of Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, and Mailchimp implementations, creating entire marketing automation workflows from scratch.

We've been part of both the technical and creative implementations, as well as creating all of the nurturing paths, workflows, and sales automations that connect with the Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems attached to the marketing automation systems.

Why SharpsSpring is Perfect For Your Company

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