Does the world of social media marketing have you a little perplexed? Don’t worry, social media marketing is one of the most difficult tactics to execute in terms of digital marketing.

It’s a medium that’s constantly growing and evolving, and sometimes it seems like as soon as you get a grasp on one concept or trend, it gets replaced by another.

However considering there are 1.65 billion social media accounts, social media marketing is something you certainly don’t want to miss out on.

Even with these staggering numbers, nearly 34 percent of small businesses have no social media presence at all.

If you fall into this percentage because you aren’t sure how to effectively execute social marketing campaigns, then continue reading.

We’ve got the top 5 principles to follow for executing your campaign flawlessly.

1. Stop Talking. Listen

Nobody likes that annoying guy who can’t stop jabbering on about themselves.

To make sure your business isn’t that guy, you need to be listening to your customers’ input.

Social media is an excellent venue for customers to voice their opinion, so make sure you are using your platforms as an extension of your customer service.

Take whatever’s being said (good or bad) about your company or brand into heavy consideration when launching your next campaign.

2. Keep Your Social Marketing Campaigns Fresh

Whether you’re going for lead conversion or a cold sale, a fresh offer is always better than an old one.

If you put an offer on your account that runs on forever, no one is going to be enticed to click on it.

Make sure you are updating your offers and promotions frequently and that they have clear deadlines to sway people to act fast.

3. Engage with Your Audience

Remember, audience engagement is a two-way street.

Don’t think it’s enough to just fill up your feed with a bunch of posts and call it a day.

Make an effort to respond to all of your audience’s comments, no matter how trivial they may seem.

Often times, an audience member will point out an issue with your product or service you may have overlooked. Use this opportunity to nail your customer service and fix the problem.

4. Measure Results

You may think you’re nailing social marketing campaigns, but don’t get too cocky until the numbers come in.

Nothing paints a better picture of how you’re doing than some hard data.

Make sure you are tracking, analyzing, and reporting absolutely everything. Luckily, every social media platform comes with some built-in tracking options, so make sure you are using these to your advantage.

5. Be Open to Change

Once you’ve got the data collected, be prepared to make some changes to your campaign strategies.

Remember, social media is an ever-evolving platform, so what might work one day might need to be thrown out the window the next. Make sure your team knows that absolutely everything is subject to change.

Social Marketing Campaigns Wrap Up

With these five principles in mind, you should be well on your way to nailing your next social marketing campaign.

But remember, social media is a huge beast to tackle. Contact us today if you feel like you’re in over your head a bit and could use some help on your next campaign.