Just like your website, in order for your work on social media to be effective, you need to have a clear strategy.

Right now major brands like Target and Coca-Cola are building massive social media campaigns with huge teams, but the dirty little secret of social media is that the barriers to entry are non-existent, and local brands can be just as powerful with a tiny fragment of investment.  All you need to do is follow a clear strategy.

With 2.8 billion people using social media and 48% of them interacting with businesses on at least one network, it’s apparent that social media isn’t going anywhere.

Creating clear social media objectives will help you reach your business objectives.

The 5 Social Media Marketing Objectives Every Business Should Have

1: Determine Your Main Goal

Strategy starts with defining the main goals and purpose behind your social media marketing objectives.

Sit down with your team and brainstorm what your business is using social media for. Do you want to solely build a presence and foster relationships? Or, do you want to increase conversions by 25%?

This the most important social media marketing objective you need to hash out before going any further.

Once you have your main goal, everything you do on social media should be to work towards this.

2: Identify Your Target Audience

In today’s day in age, it’s actually fairly easy to find out who is interacting with your stuff. Otherwise known as your target audience.

If you already have social media profiles created, depending on the platform, you can use analytics and insights to figure out the demographics and interests of your audience.

If you’re starting from scratch, think about the people who interact and engage with your business. Then create and post content that would resonate with this group.

Once you have your profiles up and running for a couple months, you’ll be able to reassure that your marketing to the correct target audience with built-in tools.

3: Create consistent, relevant and interesting content

Remember that every piece of content you post on your social media platforms should be consistent, easy-to-read and relevant to the interests of the audience.

Even though you might be running a cool promotion, if it has nothing to do with your goals and audience, there’s no point in posting it.

The content you post should have a consistent voice and tone and be overall appealing. Start with high-quality graphics, videos, storytelling, reviews and testimonials.

4: Post at the Right Time

Another social media marketing objective you’ll need to adhere to is posting regularly and at the right times.

Try and test out posting at different times and see when you’re getting the most engagement.

This is what scheduling tools like HootSuite were made for. If you’re not posting religiously and don’t make it a point to schedule out posts ahead of time, you take the chance of looking like an un-relevant source.

5: Analyze and Adapt

The last social media marketing objective you need to stand by is that you should always be analyzing your metrics and adapting your strategy if needed.

What could be a top interest of your audience could change a month from now and this needs to be noticed and reflected in your strategy.

Things are constantly changing and if we don’t recognize what’s working and what’s not ahead of time, we won’t see much progress.

For example, if your audience is responding to influencers, then find some people brand loyal to your business and have them market your product.

You have what it takes to move your business’s social media to the next level, now it’s just a matter of committing and making it happen.

The Takeaway:

Don’t let social media stress you out. If you follow your strategy and these objectives, you’re on your way to building admirable social media campaigns.

An overall digital strategy will help you to figure out what to post, when to post it, and how to post it to get the most attention.  We build Digital Strategies that make our customers more money. Contact NorthIQ where we will work with you to help build quality experiences and make you money.

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The NorthIQ Smarter Business Email