The secret to sales? Stop selling

The secret to sales? Stop selling

The definition of LOW KEY is “Not elaborate, showy, or intensive; modest or restrained.”

The definition of SALES is “The exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something.”

What happens if you combine the two?

People think selling requires them to be pushy and aggressive. Or that if they give clients enough information about the product or service they are offering, they will break down and make a purchase.

In order to take your sales career to the next level you need to involve some low key selling. It will involve developing the ability to lead people with questions rather than push them with facts.

A successful sales person knows the best way to sell something is not to sell it.

Ask Questions and Listen

They have a problem – you have the solution. Think of it as being a doctor. You listen to your prospect about what they need or want -their pain points and concerns – and then you introduce your product or service as the answer. If you’ve done your job in listening, and the fit is right, you will be able to show how your solution solves their pain points.

Educate and Differentiate

Did you know 75% of business people say they resent a brand if they send too many “marketing” emails? So how can you stay in regular contact, and get your message across, without it coming over as a constant sales pitch?

Offer free information. Offering free information that can add value to a business and is relevant and current is getting your foot in the door.

Educating your audience is a non-threatening way to get your messages across and create a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

Educate customers about how your product or service can help, and it will differentiate you from your competitors.

You can also provide valuable information for their industry. If you’ve done several interviews of other people over time and have some insights into things that were successful for them, create an email around that topic and send it out.

It’s also essential that you offer differentiated, customized, value-added solutions that meet your clients’ specific needs. The ability to customize solutions differentiates your company from competition and allows you to charge premium prices for your products and services.

Create Passion

We don’t know if Bob at the home store has actually ever slept on that ‘One of a kind, sleeping on a cloud’ mattress. But you better believe he’s going to make us think he owns 5 for each member of his family back home.

Selling is about transferring the passion you have for your product or service into the heart of a prospective customer. Passion changes perspective. Facts inform, but passion moves.

  1. Take pride in your product
  2. Let your passion show
  3. Believe in yourself

Problem Solve

Selling is about solving customers problems. Your prospective customer may be aware of these problems, or you can bring these problems to their attention. No client wants to engage with you unless you can help in some way. Listen to your clients and understand their pain points.

This will allow you to customize a solution that involves your product. Rather than selling, your job is now problem solving.

Talk about benefits, how this will solve a pain point that you discovered by listening. Do not focus on features, what my product will do.

Low key selling is all about making the sale about the person on the other end of the conversation.

Features are all about you, they are you saying “look how smart we were, we already built that cool thing that you might not even need.”

Benefits are all about them, you can address their pain points and say “yes, we can improve your ordering by eliminating errors and showing you exactly how many items you need to order”.

Add Value

Once you have provided all the information, still steer clear of the sales pitch. Instead, direct them to your website to a free download, and offer a phone consultation with no obligation.

Establish yourself as a trusted partner. By offering free information and advice to your potential customer, they will think of you when they need help or when something changes in their current situation.

Do what you love.