We’re doing a bunch of work on Manage Comics this week. One of the things we were working on were the landing page and auto-responder for Manage Comics.

When you inquire about Manage Comics, you get a 32 page download sent to you automatically.  This download tells you everything you need to know about Manage Comics and how it works.

My plan, like everything else with Manage Comics, was to build the guide when the first person asked for it. That day came, and I started writing.

I also needed a way of delivering the guide. Since it was about 6mb, email is out (a lot of email systems will bounce anything larger than 3mb). I needed a download page.

I also wanted to be able to collect email addresses so I could communicate with prospective customers for Manage Comics.

Luckily Craig had written a great guide on how to send an automated email download through MailChimp.

MailChimp is my favourite email platform. I’ve been using it for about a decade now, and I find it easy to use, intuitive, and best of all, free for up to 2500 people.

It’s a product I love so much that I look forward to being successful enough to warrant paying for it. I want a 10-20k mailing list of engaged people that I can start marketing to!

Craig’s recipe can be broken down into four basic steps.

  1. Make a List
  2. Build your email (and opt-in pages)
  3. Set up a “Thank You”
  4. Share your sign up page.

Steps 2 and 3 have a bunch of really simple to follow sub-steps, but within 15 minutes I had a simple form with a double-opt-in email download.

I drew this little cartoon to review the process. It’s so easy!

How to Set Up An Automatic Email Download


What is the Manage Comics Getting Started Guide?

Getting Started with Manage Comics

Getting Started with Manage Comics

It’s a 32 page guide that gives you a breakdown of everything that Manage Comics can do for your comic store. Finally customers can manage their own subscriptions online, and you get control over your ordering process.