Creative Brief

Let us understand your project better.

This form helps us to understand the project that you are working on.

We will turn this into a scoping document that we’ll review together and use to figure out deliverables, cost, and the best timeline.

Creative Brief

The NorthIQ Creative Brief Form

  • What are we calling this project?
  • What problem are we trying to solve with this project?
  • What is the key objective of this project? If successful, what will it do?
  • Who are we trying to reach with this? Be as specific as possible. For example: We are trying to reach Males 25-30 years of age who (are trying to do a thing) in order to (solve a problem).
  • What style and tone are we trying to achieve? For example, fun and light, buttoned down and professional, personable and entertaining.
  • What is the key idea to be remembered?
  • Describe key pieces to be produced
  • Projected timeline, important dates, deadlines, etc.