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NorthIQ will transform your business with digital marketing that converts better than anything else you are doing.

NorthIQ- We Are Digital Marketing Experts

We empower our clients by teaching them what they need to know to get more leads, work the right leads, and ultimately make more sales.

Our clients get more leads because of the simple, proven techniques that we help them use every day. We show them how to understand analytics, how to create content that gets read, and help them to map their information to the buyer’s journey.

We help them understand what traffic is good, what traffic is bad, and how to focus their effort on the things that will bring them the biggest return on their investment.

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Digital Strategy

Your digital strategy is the road map of your marketing plan and how you will be discovered in any digital platform. It will hep you figure out what to focus on, and how to get the most value out of your efforts.

Lead Generation

Leads are the fuel of your sales pipeline. Without leads, your company can’t grow. The first step towards growing sales and scaling revenue is to provide high quality leads to your sales team that close better than what they are doing now.

Marketing Automation

Some organizations aren’t ready for a full automation tool. Those who are will realize a significant improvement in marketing capabilities, performance, and insights into sales dollars and revenue.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the fuel for your digital marketing efforts. It is the single most important, sustainable way of generating ongoing traffic that will convert better than any other source (including paid media). Learning how to apply content marketing to your business is essential for your success.


Your website is the cornerstone for all of your digital marketing efforts, it is the place where conversions will take place, and the central call to action that search engines will hone in on. Making sure your website is designed to convert is the difference between success and failure.


Reporting gives you insight into what is working, what isn’t working, and where you should be spending your time. Great reporting gives you actionable insights so that you can repeat your successes and avoid your failures.

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