What is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing is marketing 2.0 set in the post-traditional advertising agency world. It takes the traditional marketing model and adds complex layers of A/B testing, value-additive content, lead magnets, segmented email campaigns, SEO optimization, digital advertising and robust, data-driven decision making. These strategies are quickly implemented for maximum learning, and then re-invested in over time to achieve robust and sustainable growth.

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Predictable and Repeatable Results

Typically, agencies and internal marketing staff implement a “set it and forget it” strategy that is designed on an initial best guess, turned on, and let loose. Once a campaign is turned on you check off the completed box and move on to the next. Sometimes, a marketing program is hollowly repeated continuously over time (like a newsletter campaign) though performance optimization is secondary behind making it a repeatable process.

Growth marketing goes well beyond this.

This data-driven strategy involves trying new and interesting experiments and formulating a deep understanding of results to zero in on wha works, what can be improved, and even what can be stopped entirely. While traditional marketing is focussed on the top of funnel, growth marketing is involved deeply with all areas of the sales and marketing funnels.

Growth marketing is more akin to science than art, but carries with it a great deal of both.

Data-driven Decision Making

One of the most important functions of growth marketing is the combination of powerful reporting and measurements combined with data analysis. While many traditional marketers think of reporting as a secondary afterthought, a growth marketer understand that knowing everything about a campaigns performance is the only way to understand whether it’s working or how to improve it.

Furthermore, a growth marketer also understands that tying marketing results with deep sales funnel and revenue results is the key to understanding a campaigns true performance.  Going beyond superficial metrics (such as Likes or Visits) and focusing on how marketing is influencing revenue and sales performance metrics.

How NorthIQ Can Help Your Company Grow

NorthIQ had proudly executed this strategy across growth-minded companies just like yours. We work directly with you and your leadership team to implement key programs based on our experience and intuition. We carefully measure each activity and review together with you the results with full transparency. Using a continuous process we then refine, improve, and optimize every effort to achieve maximum results. No service or tactic is off the table with this approach – everything in our skillset is employed to dive results and hit your revenue goals.

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