Three years ago Craig and I sat down and created a download called “The Kickstart Guide to Marketing using Science, Not Magic”, it was basically my bootcamp into the world of marketing. I had always considered myself a “marketing minded designer/developer”, but the truth was I really only understood the basics.

Before I get too deep into my journey into marketing maturity, I’m not going to bury the lede. We’re launching a Marketing Maturity Assessment, and we need some beta testers before we make it live.

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I knew about branding from years of working at Canada’s major media brands (TSN, CTV, Alliance/Atlantis, Bell, and The Globe and Mail). I knew a lot about attracting and building an audience. I had even learned about conversions from Craig and had applied the things I learned at my day job to run some successful side hustles.

My overall marketing maturity though was pretty low. I was pretty much a child playing in an adult world. In seven days working with Craig, I learned more about marketing than my entire 18 year career at that point. I understood how to create a conversion focused campaign, how to properly set up Google Analytics, why my pages weren’t built right, and the fact that most people get this stuff wrong.

Over the last three years I’ve been exposed to a master’s course in marketing every day. I have implemented, modified, optimized and tweaked campaigns, nurturing systems, websites, lead generation strategies, and much more…all to provide NorthIQ’s clients with more value.

We also run a ton of experiments on our own internal systems. We have a SaaS that we can test out theories on, and we’ve got our own internal NorthIQ projects that we use for further experiments. Every time we figure something out, we apply that to our clients, and they benefit from the risks we take with our own stuff without having to expose themselves to those same risks. We joke about it amongst ourselves that everyone else benefits from our mistakes.

I think I’m pretty marketing savvy now, but the truth is, my own marketing maturity is just barely hitting the half way point.

We’re putting the finishing touches on an awesome tool that will let you assess your own internal marketing maturity and help you to focus on the things that will matter most to your organization. You’ll quickly see where you sit in relation to other organizations, and we will give you practical advice on what to tackle first, and where to go from there.

We want to make sure this thing is great, so we’re going to test it out first.  If you’d like to give it a whirl, sign up below and we’ll send you the first version of it later this week!

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