We were recently interviewed by Sean Meyer for an article in the December / January London Inc. Magazine.  In the article we talked about how our online comics subscription management tool for comic stores, Manage Comics helps stores improve their customer service and their profitability.

Our goal for Manage Comics has always been to help modernize comic shops, and give them a leg up on the other forms of entertainment out there. By making it easier to subscribe to comics, and even removing some of the barriers around the actual purchase of comics, we have proven that Manage Comics can make stores more money.

Removing the barriers of people having to come into your store to experience it, you’re expanding your business – Brian Garside

In the article we also talked about some of the stores of Manage Comics, which currently are all across the United States, Canada, and even in the UK and Australia.

As stores have closed over the last few years, people are travelling further to get their weekly comics fix. By making it easier to subscribe to their comics, be alerted when new things are ready for them, and even be able to pay for their orders online, Manage Comics helps keep stores in business.

To read the entire article, visit “Managing the Books” on the London Inc website.

To learn more about Manage Comics, visit the Manage Comics website.