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NorthIQ has partnered with SharpSpring, a world-class marketing automation platform that gives marketers all the tools they need to create end execute growth marketing campaigns that will help grow your business. The best way to give your organization the tools to accomplish marketing and sales goals is with a powerful marketing automation platform. Learn more about SharpSpring Marketing Automation

​Drive more leads. Convert them to sales.
Optimize your marketing.


Full Marketing Automation

Campaign Tracking

Behaviour Based Email

Dynamic Landing Pages

Dynamic Form Builder

CRM & Sales Automation

Meeting Scheduling

Reporting and Analytics

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“How do I know if we’re ready for a fully integrated automation solution?”

If your organization is beginning to adopt tools to track your sales, there is a good chance you could benefit from an automation solution. Additionally, if you haven’t adopted Email Tracking, Web Tracking, and CRM tools, but you have the budget, it’s probably time to take the plunge. You can take a quick look at potential costs using our free vendor selection guide (clicking that link will automatically download the excel tool).

Sharpspring Opportunities

Suffering from Mailchimp or ExactTarget Email Limitations?

Getting to the point where you can’t do some of the advanced email tactics you’d like can be frustrating. If it’s difficult to produce specific list segmentations or more advanced trigger based emails from some platforms. Send perfectly designed emails to any segmentation in your database that you can imagine. Instantly.

Advanced Automations Gives You Unlimited Ways to Customize

Using the visual automations builder you can make your system work in advanced ways. Assign leads, change data values, trigger welcome emails, assign tasks – there is almost no limit to the customization available to you.

Implement Lead Scoring to Track the Behaviours and Lead Quality of Every Database Record

Implement a lead scoring methodology to track the quality of each lead your generate. This completely customizable feature enables you to send to sales only the leads that are ready to buy and keep the rest in your nurturing campaigns.

CRM, Marketing Platform and Sales Funnel All In One

If you’ve been storing your leads in an email inbox or a spreadsheet you’ll be shocked at how a CRM and Sales Funnel function can really optimize your sales funnels. When you add the marketing capabilities on top of that it gives a marketer full flexibility to begin influencing the bottom line revenue numbers from day 1.

When you work with us for your SharpSpring implementation, you get more than two decades of marketing automation experience, and the benefit of many marketing automation implementations.  We have implemented everything including Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Mautic, and most importantly SharpSpring, and written extensive documentation on all of the implementations we’ve done.

Yeah, we’ve done that and written the book too.

That means your implementation takes days, not months, and you’re up and fully running within your first 20 days. Other people will offer you phone support or some hand holding, we actually roll up our sleeves and do the work to get you running.

Learn about our SharpSpring Marketing Automation Plans

Why should I have NorthIQ handle my marketing automation?

The marketing automation companies will sell you automation with an “onboarding” fee. What this really means is that they’ll charge you a bunch of money to tell you how to do more work. You’ll then spend weeks, maybe even months wrestling with their systems, figuring out what you need to do, and basically drinking from the fire hose. In the meantime, you’ll continue paying the subscription fee without seeing any actual benefit.

This could be literally thousands of dollars, completely wasted.

We’re completely different. Rather than just throw you into the deep end, we actually implement your first campaign, we create landing pages, templates, and all of the pieces that need to be put together so that you can actually hit the ground running. You’ll be using your system within a couple of weeks and you’ll start seeing results.

That’s when the REAL work begins, because no marketing plan survives first contact with the audience. We help you refine your personas, establish your goals and get to results more effectively than you would be able to on your own.

Even better? We teach you what we are doing as we do it. You’ll learn the system as we go because the best magic tricks are the ones that you see coming, and we don’t want to hide anything from you.

What marketing automation tools do you work with?

We’ve implemented Pardot, Marketo, and Hubspot to name a few, we’ve even made some magic with MailChimp and Constant Contact combined with some Unbounce forms and a bunch of hocus pocus.

If we had to pick one though, it would be Sharpspring. We like the product so much that we became Certified Sharpspring Partners and we can offer you amazing pricing and out of this world support.

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Why SharpSpring is Perfect for Your Company

Over our careers, Craig and I have been involved in the implementation of many marketing automation tools.  We've been on the ground floor of Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, and Mailchimp implementations, creating entire marketing automation workflows from scratch.

We've been part of both the technical and creative implementations, as well as creating all of the nurturing paths, workflows, and sales automations that connect with the Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems attached to the marketing automation systems.

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