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We are marketers, but we do things completely differently

There’s a lot of marketing companies in London Ontario, but we’re different than anyone else. We don’t design logos. We don’t run ad campaigns. We won’t promise to get you on the first page of Google. We won’t arrogantly tell you that websites are dead. We dive deep into your business, and work with you to build a solution that will work for you. There’s no cookie cutter BS here, just hard work, common sense, and a drive to do amazing things.

Using our exclusive 3i methodology NorthIQ builds a lead database of interested prospects, mines and nurtures it to uncover potential buyers, and converts those to high quality sales opportunities.

The best way to support businesses like yours is with something a little different:

  • A customized digital strategy that aligns to your business
  • No cookie-cutter approach, it just doesn’t work!
  • Experienced practitioners who work on every project
  • Maximized return on every dollar you spend

About London Ontario

London Ontario is a city in Southwestern Ontario, on the 401 corridor about half way between Windsor and Toronto. It is home to both Western University and Fanshawe College. London’s economy is dominated by medical research, insurance, and information technology. London has a strong tech presence with organizations like TechAlliance, and strong, community minded companies like Digital Echidna, RTraction, Big Viking Games, and who are all committed to hiring and retaining Londoners.

NorthIQ owners Brian and Craig were both born and raised in London Ontario, while Craig attended Fanshawe and began his career in London, Brian did a tour of duty in Toronto before returning to his hometown in 2006. Since then he’s brought a number of ex-Londoners back home with him.

Working with Brian and his team was an amazing experience. If I had to pick only one NorthIQ Inc. superpower to describe it would be their uncanny ability to amplify and improve our vision for the website. Thanks Brian & team!

Mitch Dawson

President and Owner at Raven Studio Inc., Raven Studio

Who We Are

NorthIQ is a digital marketing company that specializes in generating opportunities for your sales team that close higher than anything you’re currently doing. We use an approach that integrates content marketing, email marketing, paid media, web design & first class back-end infrastructure into one unified strategy to drive our clients business forward.

Brian Garside

Brian Garside

Digital Strategy, Website Guru

Brian Garside has been building websites for two decades and has worked on some of the largest websites in Canadian media. He focuses on creating good user experiences and building websites that make their owners money. Brian is skilled at website design, usability, blogging and content marketing.

Craig Oliphant

Craig Oliphant

Marketing Strategy, Marketing Guru

Craig Oliphant is a marketing expert with over a decade of experience in digital marketing. He has built online campaigns for multi-million dollar companies, and seen massive returns from very small investments. He has figured out ways to achieve repeatable results.

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The Subtle Art of Giving a F*

The Subtle Art of Giving a F*

Mark Manson's popular book "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***" is not a new idea, it's a ballsy way of repeating other self help mantras like "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff". Some people have taken this to mean that details don't matter. If I shouldn't sweat the small stuff, why do you care that the thumbnail for your news story grabs the right part of the image?

Marketing in London, Ontario
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NorthIQ is Four Years Old

NorthIQ is Four Years Old

In the summer of 2015, I finally made good on a promise I had made myself a long time ago and set out to start a brand new venture. This time I'd "do it right", as opposed to all of the other times I had started a business, and I would focus on doing the things that I do best. Right from the beginning, NorthIQ was the culmination of everything that I had done before, and we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for everything that had prepared us for where we are today.

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The NorthIQ Look Ahead at 2019

The NorthIQ Look Ahead at 2019

Wow, we're six weeks into 2019 and we still haven't posted our annual "goals post".  We started this tradition in 2017, and we doubled down in 2018. We think it's important to set goals, and to reflect on those goals. These are the goals that will define the next six months (through the end of June 2019) for NorthIQ. There will be another similar post to this in the beginning of July looking at the final six months of 2019.

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NorthIQ 2018 In Review
2018 Goals in Review

2018 Goals in Review

At the beginning of 2018 we set out The NorthIQ Goals for 2018. Our business has a June year end, which means we technically were in 2019 by July...but for the purposes of the blog we consider January 1 - December 31 2018 to be the calendar year.

We set a number of goals to hit, and for the most part we did quite well, but we didn’t achieve all of our goals...and part of that might have been that we were being too aggressive, while some of it can be due to the fact that as a fairly new business we are still figuring out how to optimally do things.

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Our best posts of 2018

Our best posts of 2018

One of the things we are most proud of in 2018 were our blog posts, we've been publishing things that we believe in, and we've been building out stories that mean a lot to us. We think it's important to share our journey, both in order for us to look back on it, but also to help other companies at our level who might be going through similar things.

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How to Safely Upgrade to WordPress 5.0

How to Safely Upgrade to WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 is here, code named "Bebo" after Cuban Jazz master Bebo Valdés. WP 5.0 is a major update, with an all new editor named "Gutenberg", which is a massive revamp of the default editing experience. 5.0 also saw the release of a brand new default theme called Twenty Nineteen which is fully Gutenberg compliant, and has plenty of room for customization.

As a major upgrade, it could be a little bit scary to do the updates, but it's very important that you keep your WordPress website up to date with the latest versions. We've put together a small guide for how to update to WordPress 5.0 safely, and we've added some specific instructions for our customers who also use a custom Divi Child Theme from us.

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Manage Comics - London Inc.
Manage Comics Featured in London Inc

Manage Comics Featured in London Inc

We were recently interviewed by Sean Meyer for an article in the December / January London Inc. Magazine.  In the article we talked about how our online comics subscription management tool for comic stores, Manage Comics helps stores improve their customer service and their profitability.

Our goal for Manage Comics has always been to help modernize comic shops, and give them a leg up on the other forms of entertainment out there. By making it easier to subscribe to comics, and even removing some of the barriers around the actual purchase of comics, we have proven that Manage Comics can make stores more money.

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How losing a promotion was the best thing that happened to me

How losing a promotion was the best thing that happened to me

I'm going to give you the secret sauce on how to make a marketing automation system for free. It has all the bells, though none of the whistles of the ridiculously expensive services where you can pay $2500 a month just for the software to run this plan. Most small businesses won't need the whistles anyhow.

First, let me tell you a quick story.

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