When NorthIQ started in August 2015, it was just one man with a mission, to make the web a better place. I started out with one client, All New Comics, and a plan to build out Manage Comics. Very quickly I found that people wanted to talk about bigger projects, and in a few short months it was too much for one person. In May 2017 Craig came on board, and this summer we brought on two new awesome ladies to become a fantastic foursome.

We thought it would be a good idea to introduce the entire NorthIQ team. When I started NorthIQ, my goal was to work with awesome people, and do amazing things. I think when you see the team, you’ll understand that vision is coming true.

Here is Team NorthIQ:

Brian Garside

Brian Garside

Who Are you? I’m Brian. I’ve been making websites for over 20 years, originally I was in TV production, but I got in on the ground floor of this World Wide Web phenomenon. I’m a huge comic nerd, with far more knowledge about comics trapped in my brain than I care to admit.

What have you done? I got my start in the online trenches at TSN.ca in the early days of the internet, did a dot-com tour of duty in 2000 before the bubble burst. After that I worked at Alliance Atlantis on websites like Life Network, Showcase, HGTV, and Food Network. In 2001 I went back to TSN and helped with Bell Globe Media’s convergence projects before moving back to London to work at the Info-Tech Research Group.

I co-founded Canada’s largest online comic shop in 2005, then I helped build out BalanceDo, an online invoicing tool in 2012. In 2015 I combined the knowledge of those two things into building Manage Comics, and started doing NorthIQ full time.

  • Super Power: I make my mind up to do things, and I do them. I have an uncanny ability to predict where things are going and stay ahead of the curve, and I can usually separate hype from reality (Chatbots are all hype, and will not be around in 5 years because it turns out people want to talk to people, not robots).
  • What do you like to do outside of work: I do a bit of wood working, I hang out with my kids, and still play the occasional video game. I love original comic art, and one day I will draw a graphic novel. Some day I’ll buy a classic motorcycle and rebuild it.
  • Favourite Video Game: Classic: Joust, Current: Fortnite (although Destiny 2 is a close runner up)
  • Favourite Movie: Blade Runner, it still holds up, and its sequel is an unrecognized classic
  • Favourite Band: Our Lady Peace

Craig Oliphant

Craig OliphantWho are you? I’m mainly a marketing dude whose experience goes way back to a world that time forgot, where scanners were a thing of wonder and Zip drives existed. I was able to learn the industry mainly through doing, that kind of trial and error process that eventually yields pure win. If a customer of NorthIQ wants to try something there is a pretty darn good chance I’ve already deconstructed it, figured it out, and applied it in cool ways.

What have you done? I worked for a company called StarTech.com many moons ago, fresh out of school. Stayed there for 1 month shy of 10 years. Soaked in everything I could. Took on every project they’d give me. I worked for another high growth company called Info-Tech where I was really able to build solid lead systems and learned how to tie it all to a sales process. Now I am at NorthIQ where I get to do a ton of fun stuff with clients we love while never having meetings longer than 23 minutes.

  • Super Power: Not afraid to fail. Just get back up and try again.
  • What do you like to do outside of work: I have to say my favourite job outside of work is being a Dad.
  • Favourite Video Game: Tecmo Super Bowl
  • Favourite movie: The Naked Gun
  • Favourite band: Radiohead

Taylor Strutton

Taylor StruttonWho are you? I am a 22 yr old full stack web developer and a graduate of Fanshawe’s interactive Media and Interactive Media Specialist programs. I absolutely love all the technologies I have been exposed to in the past few years. I have a passion for technology and how things work so I am always trying to learn new things that will help better me in the industry. I also love to see things from beginning to end, which is why I love the full stack.

What have you done? Just graduated with honours from fanshawe in the interactive media design and interactive media specialist programs. I am also currently volunteering with Motiv8 Gaming to help change how the world views and treats mental health.

  • Super power: Making technology beautiful
  • What do you like to do outside of work: Play video games and scrapbook, cuddle with my cat, browse craft shows
  • Favourite Video Game: Sims (specifically Sims 3), and modded minecraft.
  • Favourite Movie: Action: Guardians of the Galaxy, Musical: Burlesque, Animated: Mulan
  • Favourite Band: Washboard Union

Ashley Cole

Ashley ColeWho are you? I am Mom of two – never sit still, always in the dirt, loud playing boys aged 3 and 1.
Grew up in a small town with a population of 402, yes.. the sign said 402. The sign actually still says 402.

What have you done? Spent four years at Fanshawe College, taking Graphic Design and Marketing.
I’ve steered very much in the Sales and Marketing roles with all my past job experiences – it’s where I’m the happiest!

  • Super Power: Organization. Toss some sticky notes, coloured pens and highlights at me and I’ll change your life. Oh, and somehow keeping up with laundry in my household. Does anyone else’s boys go through 3 outfits a day?
  • What do you like to do outside of work: fitness; biking, running and yoga, but most of all chasing little people around.
  • Favourite Video Game: Super Mario? :|
  • Favourite Movie: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (I’m a tad obsessed with Christmas)
  • Favourite Band: Garth Brooks