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How losing a promotion was the best thing that happened to me

How losing a promotion was the best thing that happened to me

I'm going to give you the secret sauce on how to make a marketing automation system for free. It has all the bells, though none of the whistles of the ridiculously expensive services where you can pay $2500 a month just for the software to run this plan. Most small businesses won't need the whistles anyhow. First, let me tell you a quick story.
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Meet the All New NorthIQ Team

Meet the All New NorthIQ Team

This summer the dynamic duo of Craig and Brian brought on two ladies to become a Fantastic Foursome. We thought it would be a good idea to introduce the entire NorthIQ team. When I started NorthIQ, my goal was to work with awesome people, and do amazing things. I think when you see the team, you'll understand that vision is coming true.
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One more project we’re proud of.

We love comic shops, and we’ve got a long history with making comic stores better. That’s why we created Manage Comics, a product that helps comic store owners offer a better subscription service through their store.

The Manage Comics Guide

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Manage Comics is a subscription tool for comic shops that helps store owners reduce costs, improve recurring revenue, and ultimately make more money!

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