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How Canada's Online Comics Superstore achieved 197% Year over Year growth
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Massive Growth, Realized Potential

Comic books are a $1billion a year industry, and there are more than 3,000 dedicated comic stores in North America.

Even with those massive numbers, many rural areas are without a local comic book presence, and it’s not unheard of for people to travel more than an hour to their local comic shop.

This is an industry in need of disruption, and in 2005, All New Comics was formed.  The company’s stated goal was to deliver a comic book store experience everywhere in Canada.

All New Comics Before

All New Comics Before:

By 2015, All New Comics had outgrown it’s old platform. The website was constructed using a custom installation of CandyPress ecommerce software.  CandyPress itself was using old ASP technology, and was not very efficient.  Despite an upgrade in 2009, All New Comics was still struggling to build fully mobile friendly website even as mobile traffic increased.

All New Comics After:

The new website was built using WordPress on top of the Divi framework, with a custom Divi theme, and a WooCommerce ecommerce back end.

All New Comics was also plugged into the Manage Comics subscription management tool, which allowed store owner Peter to easily track his customers subscriptions.

The Results:

The new website shot up the search engine charts, the fast, searchable, and incredibly usable WooCommerce ecommerce platform allowed All New Comics to dramatically increase their organic presence.  With over 2,500 available products, All New Comics is one of the largest online presences in Canada.

NorthIQ put a strong spotlight on the Manage Comics subscription account that All New Comics uses, and as a result of this, their recurring customers increased by 233%, increasing their revenue 197% with $0 in ad spend.

Today All New Comics continues to be one of Canada’s largest online comic book stores, and keeps on growing.

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