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Creating a Brand

When Nate Robinson needed branding for his newly launched woodworking business, he came to NorthIQ.

With a clear vision of what he wanted, and an understanding that he would be committing himself to a lifetime of beard ownership, Brian and Nate sat down and sketched out some ideas. Nate provided a clear direction, and some preliminary ideas, and Brian refined them to a half dozen concepts.

Settling on a bearded, circular brand design, Nate provided a few final refinements, and the Robinson Wood Design brand was created.

A simple website:

Nate didn’t want to do a lot of website upkeep, and was looking for something that could easily showcase his work from his curated Instagram feed.

We put together a simple, flat, web page with a feed for Instagram, and a link to his Facebook presence, where Nate regularly updates new pieces and adds his availability.

Business Cards:

Fine woodworking is a word of mouth business. Nate needed a simple, but effective business card design that could communicate what he did at a glance, represent the business, and clearly communicate his information.

A simple wood design was chosen for the front, while a two-toned, artistic design was selected for the back.

Literally branding the brand:

Vector files were provided to GearHeart Industries, who crafted a custom Aluminum branding Iron for Nate.

This branding iron is applied to every piece that leaves Nate’s St. Thomas Ontario shop, and adds a lasting reminder of his workmanship on every piece of wood work that he creates.

The Website: