Trojan Technologies Kiosk App

Trojan Technologies Kiosk App

Trojan USP Technologies

Kiosk app for trade shows

An interesting challenge

Trojan Technologies creates water treatment products that allows industries and municipalities to treat water and turn it into a variety of different states. Their technologies are found throughout the world, and they do some amazing things.

Trojan Technologies approached NorthIQ to create a kiosk app that they would be able to show at trade shows and conventions.


iPad and TV abilities:

The solution we came up with was able to be downloaded to a local iPad version, or shown enhanced on a TV screen.  Using a combination of vector images, and flat HTML files, we were able to create a local iPad kiosk application that wouldn’t be dependant upon an internet connection.

Talking Points:

During the demonstration of the application, the Trojan representative and the client discuss different solutions. At the end of the discussion, an entire customizable solution is displayed with each piece of the puzzle needed for the particular situation.

Trojan found this application very easy to use, intuitive, and simple to deploy.  Using specialized iPad software like Kiosk Pro, NorthIQ was even able to remotely update the application during off time between days at the trade show to enhance the functionality.

The Kiosk App