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An expanding business refreshes their brand.
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Expansion, and new branding.

Mitch and Sabina Dawson of Facility Resources approached Brian at NorthIQ about improving their website presence.  The current website had been built in the early 2000’s, by previous ownership.  Mitch and Sabina had acquired the company in 2012, and had evolved the business into more than a mere office furniture company, taking cues from Herman Miller, they began consulting on creating living offices, places where people not only worked, but could become their best selves.

Their digital presence did not reflect any of the qualities of the new direction of the company, and with an upcoming brand refresh, it was the perfect time to create an incredible digital presence.

Raven Studio - Quote from Mitch Dawson

Strategy First:

Before jumping into the website, NorthIQ created a comprehensive digital strategy, a roadmap of what needed to be done, what the anticipated impacts would be, and how each piece would fit into the whole.

Strategies around website presence, what pieces would be emphasized, and search engine optimization for specific pages were created. A comprehensive keyword strategy was built around making sure that highly visible pages would rank for the search terms they were intended for.  Rather than writing for search engines, special attention was paid to make sure that everything was natural and organic, rather than forced.

Gorgeous Photography, and Brilliant Descriptions:

The hardest part about any website is ensuring you have good copy and text. Sabina provided great descriptive, keyword rich text, and Raven Studio’s partnership with Herman Miller resulted in incredible photography that served to make the site even better.

What started out as a small, 20 page website, soon expanded into an amazingly comprehensive 80+ page website that had multiple layers, and a great depth of information.

The Results:

The Raven Studio website saw an immediate 200% increase in traffic which has increased over the initial four months of launch. The site got rave reviews from both internal staff and customers who were happy with how easy the site was to navigate, and how quickly they could find what they were looking for.

Organic search results improved dramatically as well, with Raven Studio in the #1 and #2 spot for important key terms such as “Herman Miller” “Herman Miller London”, “Herman Miller Kitchener”, “Herman Miller Waterloo”, and “Herman Miller Cambridge”.

Raven Studio is now poised for success.  Their recent addition of Kitchener-Waterloo is a massive growth opportunity, and as they continue to execute on their digital strategy, build ongoing content, and promote their brand, they will see amazing results.

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