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Updating a website and consolidating technologies

Triage, then improve

TimberBlock Engineered Homes are marvels of modern engineering.  The houses they build are engineered in a factory, and have the traditional look of log homes, but modern conveniences including an R36 insulation value.

Showcasing this technology on the internet and generating sales ready leads was an important goal for this Quebec based company. NorthIQ was brought in to fix their internet presence.

The website was built on WordPress, and was using a variety of different technologies, as well as some proprietary plugins that required a ton of work to maintain. The website had not been updated in a number of months, and the site was unstable and fragile.

Timber Block asked NorthIQ to provide ongoing search engine optimization, search engine marketing, lead nurturing, content marketing assistance, and lead generation for their business.

Timber Block Before:

As a bilingual website, Timber Block required two discreet versions of the site to be maintained. The site also featured differences between Canadian and US versions, including the removal of Canadian addresses in the United States and vice versa.

In addition to a website, the Timber Block site also supported an ecommerce store located at an external provider. This store allowed customers to purchase a plan book in digital and physical formats.

This was all wrapped up in a custom theme that required updates to the actual templates in order to adjust basic information such as hours of operation or changes to pages such as the home page. With the added complexity of multi-language, these pages became even harder to update and maintain.

Timber Block After:

Using Divi and WordPress Multi Language (WPML), we were able to create a flexible, user centric website that showcased the most important aspects of the Timber Block brand.

We also improved the calls to action, and created clear conversions paths across the website by introducing the concept of “tiered conversions”, with low friction “Level 1” conversions for basic downloads, and progressively higher friction conversion paths throughout the website.

By combining both the ecommerce and website into one location, and implementing Woocommerce, we were able to improve and integrate the experience. New purchases were pushed into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software as leads, and were followed up on.


The Results:

This new website was incredibly easy to update, which increased the frequency of updates, and allowed the marketing team to take control of more of their website than ever before.

The tiered conversion paths resulted in a 357% increase in leads over the first year and would result in the need for a comprehensive lead nurturing program (which we provided as a follow up project).

Sales of the Timber Block plan book increased 112% in the first year, as a result of the increased presence, and greater search-ability of the plan book.

All of this has led to an increase in revenue for Timber Block.

An Evolution in Sales

Our changes to the website were just the beginning. In collaboration with TimberBlock senior management, we built multi-stage nurturing programs in their newly acquired Hubspot CRM, creating deep, multi-step lead funnels that allowed logged in users to access content in new ways.

We worked directly with sales to improve the lead generation, and created funnels of sales ready leads which sales were able to quickly follow up on and create an inbound pipeline of pre-warmed sales opportunities.

The Website