SharpSpring Sales & Marketing Automation

NorthIQ is a proud Silver Partner of SharpSpring: the most simple, affordable powerful marketing automation combined with an excellent CRM which helps you make more sales.

Drive More Leads and Convert Them to Quality Opportunities.

SharpSpring tracks prospects on your web site before you even know who they are. We tell you where they’ve been, what they’ve looked at and follow desired behaviours. You can then build powerful automation rules to send them dynamic content or targeted emails based on their interests. You can also convert opportunities to actual sale using the sales funnel tools.

Learn what sales and marketing automation can do for you on a no-hassle, live demo.

Full-featured Marketing and Sales Automation Suite

SharpSpring’s Marketing Automation and CRM tools give you an end-to-end solution helping your sales and marketing team create new leads, build leads into prospects, prospects into opportunities, and closing more sales. You’ll be able to track leads “after the click” and see detailed analytics on every interaction.

Your sales team will get real time alerts that let them know when prospects are ready to buy…right now, and they will be able to close more deals.

​Drive more leads. Convert them to sales.
Optimize your marketing.


Full Marketing Automation

Campaign Tracking

Behaviour Based Email

Dynamic Landing Pages

Dynamic Form Builder

CRM & Sales Automation

Meeting Scheduling

Reporting and Analytics

Anonymous Visitor ID

SharpSpring Pricing Plans and Options

NorthIQ offers great month-to-month plan options that are perfect for any sized business. There is no long-term contract required which reduces the risk that the platform will not work for you. To view our pricing options please book a call with us.

NorthIQ Enhanced SharpSpring Platform Onboarding

All packages require onboarding to get your started on the right path. In our experience the biggest sign that an organization will fail to utilize their marketing automation platform to its fullest is to get it set up properly from the start. We build you an onboarding plan that has milestones, checklists, and essential information about setting up SharpSpring. And best of all we have onboarding packages to suit any budget.

We’re holding your hand for the first 60 days, answering questions, checking in at regular intervals, and setting you up for success.

Sharpspring Opportunities

Align Sales and Marketing

The best-in-class Marketing Automation and Sales Optimization tools that are SharpSpring’s core gives you unprecedented insight into the ROI of marketing.  Insights will let your marketing team review all of their ongoing campaigns, and look at which campaigns are bringing in not just the most leads, but the highest quality leads which have the most engagement. Your sales management can look at what leads are turning into sales, and close the feedback loop with marketing to help them understand what is working, what is not, and where they should be spending the most effort.

Sales optimizations gives sales team instant notifications of customers behaviours which are indicating known patterns of conversion. Your marketing team can create templated emails and branded downloadable assets which the sales group can use as part of the buying cycle, maintaining a consistent tone, brand image, and optimizing efficiency.

SharpSpring vs Hubspot – How Do They Stack Up?

Interested in seeing how SharpSpring, one of the HubSpot top competitors, compares? In this article, you’ll find an in-depth comparison of SharpSpring and HubSpot pricing, reviews and features like email marketing, social media software, tech support, and software integration

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Why SharpSpring is Perfect for Your Company

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Over our careers, Craig and I have been involved in the implementation of many marketing automation tools.  We've been on the ground floor of Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, and Mailchimp implementations, creating entire marketing automation workflows from scratch.

We've been part of both the technical and creative implementations, as well as creating all of the nurturing paths, workflows, and sales automations that connect with the Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems attached to the marketing automation systems.

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