What do you value?

What do you value?

Company values are a big deal, especially in the initial stages of a company. You need to ask yourself what your end goal is. What are you trying to build? What does your company stand for?

If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything.
— Irene Dunne on America’s Town Meeting of the Air, May 1945

We’ve worked for companies with strong corporate values, at Info-Tech, I was part of the group that came up with the company’s core values, and I helped to create the values posters that were found around the office. With that in mind, I’ve thought a lot about what the company we’re building will look like, and I’ve talked with Craig about how those values should shape us as an organization.

The NorthIQ Values – April 2018 edition

Values change, just like companies change. As we grow, we will improve, refine, and maybe even abandon some of these concepts, but as of today, April 25th 2018, these are the things that shape our decisions.

1: Build an amazing Business
We want to work with amazing people, and work for incredible clients.  NorthIQ will always be small, fast, and agile.

2: Quality over Quantity
We don’t need a ton of clients, we don’t need huge clients, we need clients who want to grow with us, and who challenge us to do our best work.

3: Provide Ludicrous Value
We will only work with companies if we can meaningfully change their business.

4: Teach what we know
The best magicians are the ones who show you their entire trick and how it works.

5: Leave our mark on the world
Leave the world a better place than we found it, create a lasting company that gives back to London, and to the world.

6. Have Fun
Enjoy the journey. Work hard. Celebrate small victories. Take frequent breaks. Stop to smell the roses.

What does the company you want to build look like?  Have you articulated your values to others?