Hot Buzz Episode 4 – Adrian Biljan of Sensus Crypto

Hot Buzz Episode 4 – Adrian Biljan of Sensus Crypto

This time on Hot Buzz, we upped the ante with the hot sauce, adding a significant amount of spice, and featuring a three different sauces from Slim’s Pepper Company in London, Ontario.

Our guest this time out is Adrian Biljan of Sensus Crypto, who is getting us to understand Crypto Currencies and the world of Crypto trading.

Craig of NorthIQ talks to Adrian about Cryptocurrencies. What are they, and how can you get started? Sensus Crypto is aiming to be your one stop shop for all things Crypto.


Hot Buzz is the show about hot marketing and hot chicken wings, inspired by First We Feast’s “Hot Ones“.

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The Psychology of the Lawn Sign

The Psychology of the Lawn Sign

We’re knee deep in a municipal election here in London Ontario, which falls fairly close to a recent Provincial election, and only a couple of years removed from a Federal election. Because of the fairly tight timelines of municipal elections (candidates had to declare themselves formally before the end of August, and voting takes place October 22nd), the signs are out in force.

I’ve talked to a number of people who’s opinions on this years signage varies between interest to annoyance. In my own drive, I pass by between 100 and 200 signs depending on the route I take on my 11 minute commute to the NorthIQ offices. The number varies so widely because the lesser trafficked routes tend to have fewer signs, while large public lots tend to have many more signs, and the university is virtually sign free.

I was thinking about how these signs are a very specific type of marketing, and how many of them have the same benefits, drawbacks, risks, and pitfalls of the marketing we do every day. (more…)

How to Spot a Bad Digital Marketing Company

How to Spot a Bad Digital Marketing Company

With some services you can easily see they’ve done a poor job for you, if your car starts making a clunking sound after visiting the mechanic, you’ve probably got a bad mechanic. If your haircut looks horrible, you probably have a bad hairdresser. If you get the wrong leg amputated, you probably have a bad doctor.

Digital marketing can be a little more difficult to come to that conclusion.

How can business owners avoid being preyed upon by unethical digital marketing agencies?

The following are sure-fire things to watch out for when working with your digital agency, or to keep an eye out for when trying to procure services from one. (more…)

The 5 Step Social Media Check-up

The 5 Step Social Media Check-up

A holistic digital strategy is about looking at your overall “digital footprint;” each individual component of your digital presence should reflect your overall brand values and business goals.

In addition to visual alignment, where your social media profiles all need to share your brand’s “look and feel,” you also need business alignment.

Creating and sustaining a strong social media profile for your business is essential in the digital age.

41% of social media users believe that the businesses they interact with should have a strong digital presence on social media.

To ensure that you’re using your social media platforms to their full potential, it’s important to measure their success.

By taking the time to look at your metrics, you can identify what tactics are working and what areas need more attention as you move forward.

Here are five ways to measure your business’s social media profile that are sure to help you with your digital strategy moving forward. (more…)