2017 In Review for NorthIQ

2017 In Review for NorthIQ

It’s the beginning of a new year, and its a great time to take stock of where we are, what we’re doing, and to celebrate some milestones for NorthIQ Inc.

2017 was a great year for us, and as we left year one of the business behind and entered into our second year, we achieved some major milestones.

  • In May 2017, Craig Oliphant joined as a partner
  • NorthIQ moved from a sole proprietorship to a corporation in August 2017
  • We worked with nine new clients.
  • We built and launched nine websites.
  • We built logos for both Nate Robinson Wood Design and a refresh for Manage Comics.
  • We saw a 47% increase in revenue in 2016 vs 2017 (and that number is going up as we are able to take on more work)
  • We made some significant updates to Manage Comics and have it at a point where it fully marketable.
  • We have a plan for a Real Estate CRM product that we think will make a huge difference for home builders out there
  • We ended the year with strategic partnerships with Code Elves and End Grain Industries, meaning we get to work with more people we really like, doing things we really enjoy.
  • We figured out both what this business does, and what our Unique Value Proposition is.
  • We finally built a website for ourselves that is decent.
  • We posted 48 blog posts to NorthIQ, and an additional 20 blog posts to the Manage Comics blog.

2017 was a good year, and we have even bigger plans for 2018!

Up next – our bigger plans for 2018!