Nobody Cares That You’re Vegan

Nobody Cares That You’re Vegan

It’s a harsh truth that nobody wants to hear, but it’s true, nobody cares that you’re a vegan. Nobody wants to listen to you drone on about the fact that you don’t eat anything with a face, or that animals are your friends and you don’t eat friends.

I totally understand, I eat two vegetarian meals a day right now, and I plan out a vegetarian dinner once a week. I don’t do it because of ethical reasons, I find that a mostly plant based diet makes me feel better. I’ve tried to convince my parents that they need to adopt a similar diet, but they’re not really interested. Now with that said, I honestly believe chickens wouldn’t exist if they didn’t provide us eggs…but I also don’t like factory farming conditions. However, I understand that without modern advances in agriculture, we wouldn’t be able to support our massively ballooning population.


Be honest. You totally scanned over that last paragraph didn’t you?

The reason you scanned over it is simple, you really don’t care WHY I choose to eat the way I choose to eat. I either had you, or lost you at the word “vegetarian”.

It’s the exact same with your business.

  • Nobody cares WHY you choose to sell sprockets*.
  • Nobody cares about the history of your sprocket sales.
  • Nobody cares what the ethical reasons for your sprocket manufacturing process is.
  • They want to know that your sprockets will solve a problem they have.
  • They want to know what pain points your sprockets fix in their business.
  • People care how your sprockets will make their lives better.

*NOTE: I don’t care if you sell artisanal platypus abodes, or high end consulting services, for the sake of this post, we’re calling all of it sprockets…WHAT you sell doesn’t matter.  HOW you sell it is what matters. (more…)

If Your Site Isn’t Mobile-friendly You Might be in Trouble

If Your Site Isn’t Mobile-friendly You Might be in Trouble

“Mobile-friendly” now officially reads as Mobile-first with the news that Google is officially rolling out its plan to use the mobile version of your sites content to index its pages. Mobile versions will also be used to understand its structured data and to show snippets from the site in the Google search results.

Mobile-first indexing means Google will use the mobile version of a web page “for indexing and ranking, to better help our – primarily mobile – users find what they’re looking for,” the company writes in a blog post.


You Don’t Need a SEO Company

You Don’t Need a SEO Company

Want to know a secret? despite what you’ve heard, you don’t need to hire a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company, you don’t need a marketing agency to come in and do your SEO. What you need is content that outlines the pain points your prospects are having, and details the benefits of your solution.

At NorthIQ, we like to think of ourselves as a little bit like Penn and Teller, we lift the veil of secrecy on the world of marketing and tell you things we’re not supposed to tell you. This makes us very different than our competition, and frankly makes some of them hate us.

The product most SEO companies deliver is snake oil, it will cost you a lot of money, doesn’t do much good, and in fact in some cases will actively harm your business. In the best case scenario, you will waste time and money building something tuned for algorithms that change all the time.

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about SEO, last year we wrote that “SEO is a Big Pile of Crap!“, guess what? It still is. (more…)

SEO is a Big Pile of Crap

SEO is a Big Pile of Crap

The “On Page SEO” game is out of control, companies are trying to manipulate Google by “optimizing their on page SEO”.

As a result you have entire pages on the internet that look like some sort of SEO Automation Robot has gone wild.

According to the “SEO Experts”, you need to stuff your pages with the keywords you want to rank for, the more times the better!

Each page on your website should have multiple iterations of the keywords you want to rank for, which means it’s time for Artisanal Platypus Abodes. (more…)