Do you ever feel like as much as your business is thriving, something seems missing? Your website looks and works great. Your customers are happy.

What about your social media platforms? How are they doing? So it’s your social media presence that’s missing from your business.

A social media presence is an integral piece of any brand, large or small. It’s where the people are all the time.

If you struggle with social media and really need to gain followers, keep reading. This quick guide is for you.

1. Use Emotional Triggers

A great way to gain followers on social media is by using emotional triggers in your posts.

And not just any emotional triggers – positive emotional triggers.

As it turns out, happiness is contagious on social media.

By posting emotional triggers, it allows you to connect with your followers and show your human side. Plus, when people feel “close” to you and like they can relate to you, there’s a greater chance they’ll engage with you and your brand.

Something as simple as “It’s a beautiful day outside, I’m ready to change the world. How will you make your impact today?” engages your followers with a positive message.

As you begin posting your emotional content, study how your audience responds. Find out what works and what doesn’t. Expand accordingly.

2. Engage With Your Followers

Of course, if you’re going to emotionally engage with your audience, you’ll want to interact with them. You’ll want to create a sense of belonging. People are social animals – they want to be part of a group no matter how big or small.

Dr. Stephanie J. Tobin confirms this. She found that “regular participation on social media gave users a greater sense of connectedness.”

Use this!

Start by asking questions on social media, seek opinions, look for ideas, and follow up when people answer.

Take ten minutes every morning to answer other people’s posts. By doing so, your own profile will surface on their posts and you will begin organically rising in social media visibility for Facebook and LinkedIn’s algorithms.

Interact with your audience and include them. You’ll gain followers when people see you’re not just a faceless brand.

3. Gifts to Encourage Responses

People like gifts. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have our major winter holidays.

If you give a person something they can use – something valuable to them – they feel indebted to you. It doesn’t need to be anything big – it could be a simple companion item from your brand or a free trial.

Say, for example, you sell shoes. You could throw in a free pair of socks. Brand those socks and you’ve just added a marketing element too!

By using this old psychological trick, everybody wins. Your customer gets something free and in turn, will spread the word which will help you gain followers.

4. Partner With Trusted Authorities

Trust is a huge driving factor in whether someone wants to engage with you and your brand.

If you’re just starting to build your credibility, it’s a good idea to partner with a trusted authority. You do this by building relationships with authority figures and influencers. In turn, they can help give your brand credibility.

So before you jump in and partner with just any authority, do your research and find out who your target audience idolizes. Everybody and their brother has a podcast these days, can you do a podcast appearance? Could you bdo a guest blog post, or a Facebook Live appearance?

Ready to Gain Followers?

With a little bit of patience and putting these techniques into practice, you’ll gain followers in no time.

If you’re looking for a professional hand in the matter, feel free to contact us.

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