My favourite email every week is Mark Evans Weekly Startup newsletter.  Not only does he feature some of his own content every week, but he rounds up a ton of other content each week.

It’s a curated email of incredibly valuable information. Check out a recent issue of the newsletter.

Craig and I send each other links almost daily. The other day he asked a simple question.

“This is cool stuff, why don’t we share it with more people?”

It was so obvious! Of course, why aren’t we sharing this out? We’ve got the tool (MailChimp) to do it, we even have a small mailing list.

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We haven’t officially launched an email up until now because we didn’t feel like an email that just rehashed what we had posted that week was good value. That’s key to everything we do here, are we providing good value? By making the email bigger than just us, we can provide amazing value. This is the stuff that gets us jazzed every day, and that we share with each other because of the amazing insights we are seeing.

So I set out to build a good mailing list template, and test it out.

Within an hour,  I had everything set up and ready to go. Now it’s up to you.

We’re building a ridiculously awesome email, you just have to sign up for it.

There’s a fancy-pants email link below. Sign up through it and not only will you be signed up for our first email (which ships Monday morning), but you’ll get an email right away with the NorthIQ Smarter Business Guide.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now! Sign up early, sign up often!

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